L2G Overview

Using our Estimator below can help you see the benefit of our Lease to Grown program. Understand how to combine: Potential Rebates, Operating Costs and COGS Write-Offs. Taking into account the rapid improvement of LED technology, we can help you get up and running and also future-proof your operation.

When you look longterm at the financial benefits of upgrading or expanding your facility to LED, you understand that only the operations with that foresight will stay in business for the long haul.

You can also Avoid Dilution by using our Equipment Finance model and expand your business on your dime. Up Front Costs can be a major deterrent to LED technology but SAGE can make it manageable.

Buy-Out at any time when your cash flow is good, or get all the benefits of the long haul including Reduced Operating Expense, Write-Offs, and take advantage of our LIGHTcycling program to RePurpose your dated hardware and get State-of-the-Art replacements in this environment of exponential product improvements.

Input your square footages for each stage of growth and see how much you could finance your gear for. We have made some assumptions for volume pricing and for typical rebates for LED install or upgrades. Contact us and we will work our proprietary calculators to compare brands, input actual rebates and get you tighter numbers in just a few minutes.

L2G Estimator

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*This tool is for estimation purposes only. Please contact for formal estimates:


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