Ascent Architectural Lighting

Featured Product

Trek Designer Downlight LED

The Trek series is an LED downlight intended for new construction applications. Trek is recessed into ceilings with spring clips or a new construction mounting plate and it is IP44 rated and Energy Star listed. Trek is available with darklight technology.


Ascent Architectural Lighting

When the space requires both form and function from the lighting design, Ascent Architectural Lighting fixtures provide targeted downlighting and accent light for architectural features or specific areas in the room.

Ascent Lighting products include a variety surface mount, recessed, suspended and wall mount LED fixtures designed to accentuate the experience of the room. Ascent’s architectural light fixtures can be combined to provide a functional light source in a space and enhance the room’s design features.

Ascent Lighting for offices, conference rooms, libraries, and classrooms

Interior light affects the productivity and mood of the individuals in a space and can also create memorable experiences by exaggerating the depth and texture of the room. Showcasing design features and reducing dark areas, architectural lighting can create a welcoming and comfortable environment for those that occupy the space.

Ascent Lighting fixtures are designed with sleek, attractive housings to deliver a modern aesthetic while providing comfortable, uniform light. Ascent’s energy-efficient LED fixtures deliver edge-lit technology and precision optics for linear applications, limited plenum space ceilings, and wall-mount requirements.


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